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3 Powerful Strategies

Building these simple habits and sticking to them will boost your website's discoverability over time.
Harvey A. Ramer
Harvey A. Ramer
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About the Author: Harvey A. Ramer has over two decades of experience as a software engineer. He helps business owners reach people seeking their expertise through search engine results. Harvey enjoys translating complex digital concepts into simple ideas for nontechnical business people. For SEO help, please reach out.

Your potential customers are seeking the solutions you offer, but is your digital marketing strategy helping them find you? By developing and maintaining simple habits, you can significantly enhance your website’s discoverability. With persistence, your business website can transform into a go-to destination for prospective customers.

Your future customers are searching for you. Are you visible?

Social Discoverability

Your marketing goal is to encourage potential customers to take action and make a purchase. However, they follow you on social media to learn, grow, and benefit from your expertise. These conflicting interests may lead to extremes – either being overly generous without asking for a sale or relentlessly pushing your followers to act. Neither approach will yield a healthy return on investment.

First, be generous. Share your high-quality expertise, and discerning individuals will take notice. Don’t just repost articles and memes from other sources. Apply your unique perspective and innovative ideas to the content circulating on social media.

Many of us share inadequately curated content on social media, prioritizing quantity over quality. We repost without taking the time to read, understand, and add context or expertise to the content. Though social media can feel like a necessary evil given the scarcity of wisdom online, it’s refreshing to follow accounts that value quality over quantity.

Second, be present. Engage in conversations where your customers congregate and socialize. Just as you would at a local business meetup, contribute, offer friendship, and support others on social media by joining groups, commenting on posts, and sharing valuable resources. Be a good citizen.

Digital and face-to-face interactions might differ in immersion, but the same rules of etiquette apply. Building relationships and empathizing with others’ challenges will prove beneficial in the long run.

If you haven’t started using social media for your business, consider platforms like Facebook and Instagram for consumer brands, Twitter for technical brands, and LinkedIn for all businesses – especially B2B brands.

Third, don’t hesitate to ask for the sale. While you should give more than you sell, remember that you’re investing in fundamentally transactional relationships. If no one buys from your company, they’ll lose access to your valuable input. A relevant sales offer can be generous too. Customers buy because you solve their problems, and there’s nothing more generous than that. So, make great offers and share them when appropriate, but keep your social interactions customer-focused.

Your marketing goal is to call prospective customers to action and make a sale. But they follow you on social media to learn, grow, and get value from your expertise. These competing interests may cause you to go to extremes. Either you may be generous to a fault and never ask for a sale. Or, you may constantly hound your followers to take action. Neither extreme will produce a healthy return on investment.

Search Visibility

Website visibility results from numerous small tasks done well. Your social profiles should link to your website, your sales posts on social channels should encourage prospects to visit your website, and search engines should index your website to provide valuable content to their users. Achieving success in these areas requires attention to several common-sense, technical details.

Link building is crucial for long-term digital marketing success. Instead of seeking overnight success with thousands of incoming links, develop healthy link-building habits. Request links when giving interviews, speaking at conferences, writing for publications, sharing testimonials, or being mentioned online. Get listed on professional directories such as your local chamber of commerce, industry directories, and social media profiles. Create compelling content that others will want to share.

Incoming links from reputable websites will accumulate over time, boosting your website’s authority on Google. As a result, your content will outrank competitors, and organic search traffic will grow.

Focusing on creating high-quality, shareable content is the most effective way to enhance your website’s visibility. While some experts argue that frequent publishing boosts search engine results, it is not a search engine ranking signal. Concentrate on producing valuable content for your customers and prospects.

However, maintaining a publishing schedule is beneficial. Regular publishing encourages visitors to return to your website for new content and provides you with the motivation and accountability needed to consistently create valuable videos, podcasts, and articles.

Don’t neglect keyword research. Use tools like Answer the Public and Google Trends when selecting potential topics to incorporate the words and phrases your audience uses to search for your content. However, avoid prioritizing keyword research over your strategic objectives. Consider the customers you want to attract and the pressing concerns you can address for them.

Content Visibility

Websites can accumulate nonessential elements, but remember: website visitors who ignore your content and calls to action don’t help your business. Instead of focusing on traffic, savvy digital marketers target qualified prospects who can find the resources they need. Your business’s survival depends on helping potential customers make informed decisions to hire you or purchase your products, which is why you create content.

Most B2B websites should prioritize clear, compelling calls to action. Once those are in place, relevant articles, videos, or other content can support your calls to action. Well-crafted content generates interest in your business and aids the decision-making process of interested prospects – the primary reasons for publishing original content.

To enhance your content’s visibility, don’t confine it to a blog page. While a blog or resources page helps people find your content, support your calls to action with relevant content. Placing related content next to a call to action that invites prospects to act on the information creates a powerful connection. This arrangement helps visitors think about the value on offer and encourages them to consume information that supports their buying process by placing those resources near your calls to action.

To further improve your content’s discoverability, maintain a simple structure for your articles. Use a clear visual hierarchy with headings, short paragraphs, and lists to enable readers to progress quickly. If someone finds your website but is deterred or confused by its structure and leaves without engaging with your content, they haven’t discovered what you have to offer. Don’t let your efforts go to waste – ensure your content is edited for readability.

Take Action

Nike’s slogan, “Just do it,” captures the essence of success: choosing execution over analysis. Learn from the ideas shared in this article and apply them to your business. Make it easier for future customers to find you – you won’t regret it.

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