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Digital Marketing Help You Can Trust

FlareMark is a boutique digital marketing agency focused on your success.

Digital marketing is vital to small business success, but few small business owners have time for it. We execute your digital marketing strategy so you can focus on day-to-day operations. When you hire us, you can stop worrying about missed digital marketing opportunities.

Who We Are

Harvey Ramer

Harvey Ramer — Founder, Principal

A software engineer and digital marketer based in Memphis, TN

How We Help

See our services page to learn how we help businesses grow through digital marketing

Proudly Located in Bartlett, TN

We serve the business owners worldwide from the suburban Memphis city of Bartlett, TN.

Hire Us and Leave Average Behind

If you have an exceptional business but average results, customers who need your products and services are waiting.
We will help you share what you know and grow your business.

Start Your Project or Hear from Our Customers.