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As leading SEO advisors, we help small businesses enhance their online presence with ethical, sustainable strategies tailored to your needs. Gain a competitive edge with our expert search engine marketing advice and simple solutions.

Our Mission: Empowering Your Digital Strategy

At FlareMark, we believe technology should empower, not overwhelm. As your dedicated SEO advisors, we provide clear, accessible SEO audits and strategic guidance customized to your unique goals. Our services are designed to demystify the digital world, offering practical solutions and ongoing support to ensure you navigate with confidence and success.

We’re more than just consultants; we’re partners committed to crafting a digital strategy that amplifies your story. With FlareMark, you gain a community devoted to your success. Let us transform your digital challenges into opportunities, propelling your mission forward with every online interaction.

Our History of Success

Founded in August 2020 in Memphis, TN, and now based in Bradenton, Florida, FlareMark is a results-oriented SEO advisory firm dedicated to serving leaders in business. Our relocation in 2022 has positioned us to better serve our clients with innovative strategies and personalized service.

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Harvey A. Ramer, Software Engineer.

I've been collaborating on web projects with people like you for over twenty years.

I'm Harvey A. Ramer, and my career includes significant projects at a Fortune 500 company, improving e-commerce platforms, and fostering innovation in startups. I have extensive experience in SEO, cloud architecture, and both front-end and back-end development, utilizing technologies such as AWS, Azure, Vue, React, and Angular. As a dedicated mentor and strategist, I thrive on turning complex business needs into scalable digital solutions, continually advancing digital marketing and web development to address modern challenges.

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FlareMark is based in Bradenton, Florida and serves clients across the United States. Let’s talk about your search engine optimization project.

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