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7 Powerful Reasons to Publish Weekly Blog Posts & Overcome Writing Obstacles

Explore 7 key reasons to publish consistently: drive action, showcase expertise, skill growth, and more.
Harvey A. Ramer
Harvey A. Ramer
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About the Author: Harvey A. Ramer has over two decades of experience as a software engineer. He helps business owners reach people seeking their expertise through search engine results. Harvey enjoys translating complex digital concepts into simple ideas for nontechnical business people. For SEO help, please reach out.

It’s nearly nine o’clock on a Sunday evening, and I’d rather relax than write. Yet, here I am in front of my computer, maintaining my weekly publishing schedule. I write an article every week, whether it’s convenient or not, because I believe it matters—and so far, it has been successful.

Why should you share your ideas through writing? Here are seven compelling reasons.

1. Realistic Deadlines Drive Action

Becoming action-oriented leads to positive outcomes. I strive to help others succeed, which is why I rise each day. However, assisting others necessitates influence and effective communication.

Like everyone else, I’ve learned that nothing worthwhile comes without effort. I dedicate time to ponder my thoughts and transform them into writing, a small action that I believe will yield significant results.

2. Writing Boosts Creative Thinking

When you spend time with family and friends, much of your thoughts and actions revolve around their input. Reflective writing enables you to tap into your unique identity.

Proactive thinking is essential for attaining wisdom. Growth occurs when we transform daily experiences into valuable insights—for ourselves and others.

3. Writing Enhances Skills

While words flow effortlessly during conversations, communicating through writing demands hard work. Writing exposes any flaws in my thought process.

Vague speech can easily be masked during conversations, but unclear thoughts are evident in writing. It takes time to process and clarify ideas for sharing, and employing diverse sentence structures and word choices requires effort.

The conversational flow doesn’t translate directly onto the page. My goal is to write so effectively that reading my words becomes second nature. I still have progress to make, and you likely do as well.

4. Writing Expands Horizons

Writing transports us from our inner world to the shared reality of others. It encourages us to consider how our ideas might benefit them. Writing harnesses our mental and emotional resources to address the challenges and struggles faced by others.

There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing your words and ideas have positively impacted someone’s life.

5. Writing Showcases Expertise

Our writing humanizes us while also highlighting our knowledge. Skill levels are difficult to conceal when we write clearly. This can be both a blessing and a curse—sometimes writing is embarrassing, other times it boosts our reputation.

I trust that my writing will generally enhance my reputation, and that others will forgive occasional wordy sentences or incorrect ideas. Writing not only displays our expertise but also promotes continued learning as we identify gaps in our knowledge.

6. Helping Others Generates Opportunities

Effective writing is an act of generosity. When our writing simplifies complex challenges or assists others in overcoming obstacles, it’s a result of hard work offered freely. Generosity often inspires reciprocation. If your writing benefits me, I’ll likely like and trust you. If I require what you’re selling, I’m more inclined to choose you over competitors.

While we can’t force others to like, trust, or buy from us, we can tip the scales in our favor by consistently sharing helpful content.

7. High-Quality Content Attracts Attention

Google values your website’s quality, and since the Caffeine update[1] in 2010, recency has been a measure of quality.

Note on May 22, 2024: The world of search optimization is changing rapidly. Recency, while it was once highly important, is declining in value. Even when this article was written, recency was more impactful for time indexed items such as news or commentary on current events. Based on Google’s helpful content updates, I am personally ignoring recency as a factor. Instead, I am revisiting content to increase its relevancy, unique perspective, and utility to my readers. Recency is still powerful for cultivating a connection with your audience, but negligible for search engine results.

Regularly publishing subpar content won’t benefit you or others. However, with all other factors equal, a consistent posting schedule keeps your content fresh, potentially increasing traffic from search engines.

Keep Going

Regularly publishing content can be challenging, particularly when life gets hectic or discouragement looms. In these moments, cling to simple ideas that motivate you to persevere. The world needs to hear from you. Nobody else possesses your unique experiences and insights. If you stop growing, learning, and sharing your valuable words with the world, it would be a tremendous loss.

So, keep pushing forward, maintain your weekly publishing schedule, and continue to hone your writing skills. Your persistence will not only benefit you but also countless others who might find inspiration, knowledge, or solutions through your content. Remember, the key to success lies in your dedication to consistently sharing your ideas and expertise with the world.

  1. See “18. Needs Met Rating and Freshness” in the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines used by Quality Raters. ↩︎

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