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Make Your Mark.

We help leaders take action.

Monday Motivation.

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Invest Time Wisely

With coaching from FlareMark, you will invest your time and energy wisely and serve your customers effectively.

Avoid Missteps

For 20 years, we have helped business owners improve their results and understand their next strategic steps.

Change Your Approach

We all face the temptation to protect ideas, hide, and aim for perfection. But we can help you find a better way.

Our Coaching Process


Work with us to understand your biggest blockers and frustrations.


Identify concrete action steps to get you moving toward resolution.


Build relationships and support systems to keep you in action.

Why Hire a Coach?

Every entrepreneur needs help to succeed. Your coach will be an impartial sounding board and worldview-expander.

What Does It Take?

Digest your coach’s input, accept what you can, and take diligent action on it. We succeed by learning and doing.

Will It Work?

A good executive coach will be a sounding board and encourage you to take strategic action. But the results are up to you.

Need Someone in Your Corner?

About the Coach

Harvey Ramer

Harvey Ramer, a 20-year online business veteran, coaches small business owners and leaders to grow by taking strategic action.

He has been married to his lovely wife, Jody, since 1996, and they have three children. They live in Ellenton, Florida, and Harvey enjoys spending early mornings at the beach whenever he can.

Endorsements & Testimonials

M.J. James
“As a coach, Harvey uses his skill for creative thinking to help navigate his clients through their problem solving journey. By asking insightful questions and offering professional advice he empowers clients to stream line their process and elevate their outcomes. His analytical objectives bring about long term strategic action for all of his clients. Highly recommend working with Harvey as a top level sounding board for your business.”
— M. J. James, Life/Business Coach and Author at Burned Out Business Mom
John Stange
“Harvey is a wise and sincere leader with decades of experience in tech, design, and other critical areas of development. One of his greatest strengths is his honesty. He offers genuine insights that can help other high-achievers gain clarity and focus.”
— John Stange, pastor, author, speaker, and professor who helps entrepreneurs launch their online platforms.

Monday Motivation Podcast

Monday Motivation is a weekly podcast for business leaders. We help you get past your blockers and get moving.

Monday Motivation Podcast
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