Your Customers Are on a Voyage of Transformation

Map their journey to build profitable customer relationships.


About FlareMark

FlareMark was founded by Harvey Ramer, a 20-year veteran of the web and software development industry. He has helped business of all sizes create successful websites by focusing on the needs of their customers and prospects. The Voyage of Transformation Framework is a process Harvey created to help business owners clarify their message.

We Help Business Owners

Create the Business You Want
The Voyage of Transformation Framework allows you to invest your time and energy wisely, engage with your customers, and serve them effectively.

Get Better Results
For 20 years, we have helped business owners improve their business results through design, content creation, and strategic consulting.

Benefit from Experience
Take a shortcut to success. Benefit from the insights we have gained by serving businesses of all sizes for two decades.

Chart a Course for Your Customers

Your expertise, empathy, and experience allow you to chart a safe course to the transformation your customers desire. Your strategic investment in the success of your customers will always benefit your business.

We Use a Simple Process

Strategy Sessions
Capture your insights into the transformation your customers desire.

Marketing Message
Create clear marketing messages that resonate with your customers.

Deploy Design
Create processes and products that chart a path for your customer's voyage of transformation.

Strategize Your Voyage of Transformation


Can't I Just Make a Website?

Words Matter
Websites, even beautiful ones, do not help your business unless they focus on the desires of your customers. In today's busy world, rational self-interest rules the day. Unless you demonstrate empathy, experience, and expertise that aligns with their interests, your prospects will not become customers.

We Help You Get Results

Continual Curiousity
You may understand your customers well. But asking questions rather than assuming answers will unlock new opportunities.

Analysis and Action
Find a balance between gathering information and implementing ideas. Learning more must never obstruct the next action.

Fanatic Focus
Be quick to listen and slow to implement. You will have more ideas than energy and focus. Listen to customers, but take strategic action.

Become a Catalyst for Change

Your business will succeed by enabling life transformation in your customers.


Create a Treasure Map for Your Customers

You are the cartographer who creates the map your customers need for a safe voyage to the transformed life they desire. They need your help to learn sailing skills, steer clear of shoals, and survive rough weather.

What Our Customers Say

FlareMark is a company that understands your needs and offers assistance transferring your thoughts from your heart to your website. Our team worked with the FlareMark team, and now our website says what we mean to say. They helped us communicate more directly about ways our visitors can support us because they understand our mission. FlareMark heard us and transferred our ideas into action.
Carol Jackson, Executive Director at Families Matter

I did not have a website to support my outreach efforts. I was caught between the day-to-day demands of running my consulting practice and the need to build a marketing platform for the future. With strategic advice from FlareMark I was able to showcase my knowledge in new ways. When I make sales calls today, my potential clients have all the supporting information they need to make a buying decision.
David Sterling, Partner at Sterling Solutions

I knew I needed a new website, but I procrastinated because it was hard to find a web designer with fresh ideas and an affordable rate. FlareMark had a clear vision of what was possible, and I could see the cost was an investment in my success. Now my website provides the credibility and visibility I need to support my sales calls and networking activities.
Kevin Westbrook, Consultant at Strategic Aim

Start Today

Get Results
When you apply The Voyage of Transformation you will understand your customers better. Your investment in their success and growth needs will nurture a mutually beneficial relationship. New prospects will light up with interest and respond immediately when offered a chance to work with you.

Make the Change
Don't let fear stop you from making the changes your business needs to thrive. No business owner should struggle to connect with prospects in conversation and one-time purchases when so much more is available.

Build Fruitful Relationships with Customers.


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