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Meet Coach Harvey

Harvey Ramer

Harvey Ramer has been a graphic designer, web developer, and software engineer for 20 years. He uses his experience of finding his way toward meaningful work to guide people toward more impact in their work and personal lives. As an abuse recoverer, Harvey has a distinctive perspective on the value of suffering and redemption in our life stories. He helps others overcome their past, clarify their vision and take strategic action in their personal and professional lives.

He has been married to his lovely wife, Jody, since 1996, and they have three children. They live in Ellenton, Florida, and Harvey enjoys spending early mornings at the beach.

Why Should Harvey Coach Me?

He Understands the Struggle

When you feel trapped in a career of your own making and desperately unfulfilled, you find yourself grasping at ideas. “I’ll try this!” “No, that!” You’re run ragged, and you lose hope. Harvey has been there too.

He Is a Step Ahead

Harvey is on the same journey toward meaningful creative work. He is learning to bring his whole self to bear on his efforts. Coaching others brings him great personal satisfaction, but he hasn’t forgotten the struggle.

He Is a Story-Finder

Your story is a light that illuminates new possibilities for others. But life’s struggles can cause us to extinguish our light beneath a thick blanket of humiliation and self-doubt. Harvey wants to help your light shine.

The Podcast & Newsletter

Monday Motivation with Harvey Ramer

Monday Motivation is a weekly podcast for anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally. Each episode discusses a personal development theme and offers a growth challenge.

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Monday Motivation Podcast

Monday Motivation.

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Some Benefits of Coaching

Clarify Your Vision

We help our coaching clients clarify their personal and professional vision.

Create a Strategy

With a clear vision, we can discuss multiple ways of realizing your dreams.

Take Action

We all face the temptation to hide and let doubts undo us. We can help you start moving with clear action steps.

How Coaching Works


Work with us to understand your biggest blockers and frustrations.


Identify action steps to get you moving toward resolution.


Build relationships and support systems to keep you in action.

Want a Coach in Your Corner?

Endorsements & Testimonials

M.J. James
“As a coach, Harvey uses his skill for creative thinking to help navigate his clients through their problem solving journey. By asking insightful questions and offering professional advice he empowers clients to stream line their process and elevate their outcomes. His analytical objectives bring about long term strategic action for all of his clients. Highly recommend working with Harvey as a top level sounding board for your business.”
— M. J. James, Life/Business Coach and Author at Burned Out Business Mom
John Stange
“Harvey is a wise and sincere leader with decades of experience in tech, design, and other critical areas of development. One of his greatest strengths is his honesty. He offers genuine insights that can help other high-achievers gain clarity and focus.”
— John Stange, Business Coach and Author at Platform Launchers.

Why Hire a Coach?

Everyone needs help to succeed. Your coach will be an impartial sounding board and worldview-expander.

What Does It Take?

Digest your coach’s input, accept what you can, and take diligent action on it. We succeed by learning and doing.

Will Coaching Work?

A good executive coach will be a sounding board and encourage you to take strategic action. But the results are up to you.

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The Monday Motivation Blog

Do You Think Your Story Is Significant?

Stop Hiding Your Real Self, and Create Impact

Everything that happens has a purpose. If you believe this is true, even mundane coincidences have meaning. If everything you go through is for a reason, even the lowest and most painful moments are vital to the plot. To skip them would be to miss the point. Yet these shameful, gut-wrenching, or embarrassing moments are the ones we tend to scrub from our memories. We sanitize our stories and leave them without dynamism.

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How Perseverance Can Launch You into Purposeful Living

Remember, Success is a Team Sport

This past week was packed full of tasks requiring intellectual and emotional energy. From Monday through Wednesday, I assisted coworkers at my job on an urgent initiative. Then in my off hours, I coached two clients and prepared to attend a retreat nearby. I support entrepreneurs as they clarify their vision, strategy, and tactics. And I do so from a just few steps ahead. My business is not mature enough for me to leap into full-time entrepreneurship. I hoped the retreat would realign my values and that I could return to my coaching work with renewed vigor.

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How Wisdom and Skill Position Us for Good Luck

Don't Wait for Lightning to Strike

I used the word luck for the first time when I was an inquisitive eight-year-old boy. It had a mysterious and powerful ring to it. I needed a word to capture the idea that things happened by chance. It helped me think about the the apparent meaninglessness of some of my early childhood experiences. Despite my excitement about it, the word was not well-received. Someone, I think one of my parents, said I must never say the word again.

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On Eating Frogs and Climbing Hills

Prioritizing the Unglamorous to Preserve Willpower

Several years ago, I read a delightful book called Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy. The book’s premise is simple. Since we lose willpower throughout the day, it is best to do the hard things first. Hopefully, you never have to eat an actual frog. But if a frog is on the menu, eat it first thing in the morning.

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How to Keep Hope Alive

Make Today Better Than Yesterday

“No matter how bad things got, I always focused on what I could do that day. It’s like they say, it is best to live in the moment.” My new friend looked at me with raised eyebrows expecting a response. I could see that this was one of her core beliefs.

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