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Rediscovering Joy and Purpose in Your Career

Put Your Faith to Work

A once fulfilling job can lose appeal, uncovering a latent desire for meaning and purpose. Searching for meaning can lead us toward a more joy-filled and purposeful life. An ideal career is a source of joy, allows us to express our faith, and amplifies our strengths. Our daily work is how we make our mark.

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Today with Purpose

The Unseen Toll of High Pressure

Why Good Jobs Go Bad (Part 5)

Since the Industrial Revolution, we’ve been captivated by the efficiency of the assembly line, leading us to treat workers as if they were machines. The logic seems simple: adjust a machine’s settings, and it’ll work faster. Maybe if we tweak this policy, our staff will also work faster. While this mindset might seem universally applicable, let’s consider its impact on a specific industry.

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The Game Feels Rigged

Why Good Jobs Go Bad (Part 4)

Do you ever feel bogged down by complacency and resentment at work? We often experience times when our work feels unrewarding, disorganized, or inequitable. How we respond to these challenges shapes our long-term career success and mental well-being. Stick with me to find ways to win the work game by managing expectations, staying engaged, and avoiding resentment.

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You Are Replaceable

Why Good Jobs Go Bad (Part 3)

Shortly after getting married, I wanted to supplement my income. So, I interviewed for a night job restocking shelves at Wal-Mart. When the conversation turned to pay and work expectations, my expression betrayed my astonishment at the meager pay. The hiring manager said, “Don’t worry. You’re replaceable. If you don’t want this job, someone else will.”

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Today with Purpose Podcast

Today with Purpose Reader Comments

A Software Engineer Gets a New Start Each Week

“Every Monday is like a mini New Year, giving you the chance to start fresh with a clean slate. That‘s why the weekly emails are a blessing. You can choose to complain and hate Mondays, or you can be among the select few who embrace a new, fresh start. Today with Purpose provides a pep talk, wise principles, and a vision that can help you see that life and work are meaningful. I encourage everyone to read it and start their week off right with a vision and principles that don‘t conform to the world, but instead seek to serve others and better yourself!”

Bailey Lipscomb

A Writer and Coach Finds Simple, Actionable Advice

“I truly enjoy receiving Harvey‘s email messages. They are easy-to-read, but packed with helpful and encouraging information. I created a separate email folder to store them just so I can refer back to them more easily. His topics are very timely and seem to address issues I am currently experiencing, like self-doubt and problems completing what I start, or they address topics that can help me personally and professionally, such as ways to provide more impact at work. I like to keep Harvey‘s messages because they provide simple, actionable steps to implement, but can lead to a significant return. Referring to the messages weeks later provides good accountability to ensure I‘m following the advice.”

Greg Gerber, Writer & Coach at Forward from 50.

A Ministry Leader Enjoys a Few Quiet Moments

“Spending a few minutes reading a message from Harvey has become something that truly has been meaningful, thoughtful, and encouraging.”

— A Local Business and Ministry Leader.

A Coach and Author Sees a Message of Hope

“The value I find from Harvey‘s messages is an acknowledgment that many people feel dissatisfied, even with seemingly successful lives. His writing is such a reflection of him. Not a ‘get happy quick’ message but a message of empathy, compassion, and hope. He walks in his readers‘ shoes towards more purpose and impact. It is not quick and easy. But very possible.”

— Melissa Bloom, Coach and Author of The Path to Joy.

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