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An effective website communicates your message clearly and avoids the 5 bad habits of ineffective websites. Does yours?

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The 5 Bad Habits of a Highly Ineffective Website

Some websites get results for their owners. Others don't. But what makes the difference? Communication amplifies small details, and most websites refuse to sweat the small stuff. These websites have developed bad habits, and with websites, as with people, bad habits are hard to break.


Absence of Credibility

Your website may want to neglect its appearance, share rambling thoughts, and hog all the credit for its good ideas. Websites that do this are not trustworthy companions.


Fear of Rejection

Diagnose your website's fear by keeping your eyes peeled for buzzwords and hype. Insecure websites include more industry-specific jargon than is required to clarify their offer and usually make bold-sounding, vague claims.


Lack of Clarity

Have you ever asked someone about their work, listened for a few minutes, and an explanation never came? When your website tries to pass off a me-too tagline like, "We provide exceptional service," your website may need a clarity boost.


Avoidance of Authenticity

Your website may want to hide your real identity, personality, and anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. When it behaves this way, it puts everyone on edge and makes them wonder if they can trust anything the website says.


Inattention to Results

Some websites are so modest they forget to invite visitors to take action. Imagine a bashful sales rep showing up at your door to sell a vacuum cleaner, demonstrating that it is worth buying and never asking for the sale. Websites with this neurosis need immediate help.


Does Your Website Struggle with Bad Habits?

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Carol Jackson: Families Matter, Inc. Memphis, TN

Have you wanted to work with a company that understands your needs, and you had no idea how to locate that company? Have you wanted assistance transferring your thoughts from your heart to your website? That was my dilemma. Our team met with the FlareMark team, and immediately we knew we made a great connection. Now, our website says what we mean to say. The FlareMark team helped us communicate more directly about ways donors and clients can engage with us. Our visitors can take action to support us because they understand our mission. Thank you so much, FlareMark, for hearing us and transferring our ideas into action. Carol Jackson, Executive Director — Families Matter →

David Sterling: Website Design Client

I was without a website for some time, and it was hurting my outreach efforts. I was caught between the day-to-day demands of running my consulting practice and the need to build a marketing platform for the future. FlareMark offered me strategic advice and helped me think about leveraging my knowledge beyond what I had envisioned. I knew that investing in a website with them would be the right fit for me. When I make sales calls today, my potential clients have all the supporting information they need to make a buying decision. It feels good to have the tools my business needs in place. David Sterling, Partner — Sterling Solutions →

Kevin Westbrook: Website Design Client

My website was out of date and stale. I knew I needed a new one. I procrastinated because it was frustrating to find a web designer with fresh ideas and an affordable rate. FlareMark had a clear vision of what was possible, and the cost felt like an investment. Now my website provides the credibility and visibility I need to support my sales calls and networking activities. Kevin Westbrook, Consultant — Strategic Aim →


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