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Why HTML Page Titles Are Important for SEO

A Guide to the Significance of HTML Page Titles

The most important part of your web page is almost invisible. Diminutive yet powerful, your HTML title tag is visible only on your browser tab. Though the browser tab may seem small, the title it holds determines who will see your web page in the search engine results pages and whether they will visit your website. But since the HTML title tag is out of sight, many business owners squander its power; they miss a golden opportunity to grow their marketing influence.

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3 Web Design Goals in Conflict

You Can Conquer Them with Compromise

The three essential qualities of a successful website are aesthetic appeal, content, and speed. Without speed, no one will see your thoughtful written content. Without content, your fast website and beautiful designs are purposeless.

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Make a Good First Impression with Your Website

Creating a Powerful First Impression on Your Homepage

First impressions are crucial, especially for a web page. A well-designed website establishes trust by communicating your brand message. The top of your homepage, or the “above the fold” area, is essential for making a good first impression. Let everyone know what your business is about with powerful words and images. Since you don’t have anything to hide, letting everyone get to know you benefits your brand.

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