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7 Important Reasons to Publish a Blog Post Each Week

Harvey Ramer
Harvey Ramer
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It is almost nine o’Clock on a Sunday evening, and I want to wind down instead of writing. But here I am in front of my computer. Recently I have been experimenting with a weekly publishing schedule. So every week, I write an article whether it is convenient or not. I do it because I believe it matters, and so far it has been successful.

Why do you share your ideas in writing? Here are seven reasons I believe you should.

Writing regularly helps us win in 7 ways.

1. Deadlines Force Action

Good things happen when we become action-oriented. I want to help others succeed. It is why I get out of bed in the morning. But helping others requires influence and communication.

Like every other human being, I have discovered that nothing good happens without effort. So I take the time to think and translate my thoughts into writing. It is a small action, but I believe it will produce good results.

2. It Helps Us Think Creatively

If you hang out with family and friends, much of what you think and do is a response or reaction to others. Without reflection and writing, much of your identity will remain untapped.

Wisdom eludes us unless we take time to think proactively. We grow when we turn our daily experiences into valuable insights—for ourselves and for others.

3. Writing Builds Our Skills

In conversation, words roll off my tongue effortlessly. But in front of a keyboard, communication takes real work. As I write, it reveals my sloppy thinking.

What we can gloss over with vagueness in speech shows starkly in my writing. It takes time to process and clarify my ideas, so that they are clear enough to share. And sentence variety with word choice takes work.

The natural rhythm of speech does not spill out onto the page how it does during a conversation. I want to write so well that reading my words is effortless. As you can see, I have a ways to go. I’m guessing you do as well.

4. It Takes Us Beyond Ourselves

Writing pulls us out of our inner world into the shared reality of others. It forces us to ask others how we might help them by sharing ideas. It brings our mental and emotional resources to bear on the problems and struggles of others.

There is no better feeling than knowing that your words and ideas are transforming the lives of others.

5. It Displays Our Expertise

Our writing humanizes us, and at the same time, it displays our knowledge. It is difficult to hide our skill level when we write with clarity. It cuts both ways. Sometimes writing can be embarrassing, and sometimes it is a huge reputation boost.

I trust that, on balance, my writing benefits my reputation and that others will forgive an occasional wordy sentence or wrong idea. While writing in front of others displays our expertise, it is also a catalyst for continued learning as we discover knowledge gaps.

6. Helping Others Creates Opportunity

Writing well is an act of generosity. When our writing simplifies a complex challenge or helps others overcome an obstacle, it is always a result of work—for free. And generosity elicits reciprocation.

If your writing helps me, I will like and trust you. If I need what you sell, I will be more likely to buy from you than your competition.

While we cannot demand that others like us, trust us, or buy from us, we can certainly tip the balance in our favor by writing and sharing helpful content each week.

7. High-Quality Content Gets Noticed

Google cares about the quality of your website. And since the Caffeine update[1] in 2010, recency has been one measure of your website’s quality.

Publishing poorly written or unhelpful content regularly will be of no benefit to you or to others. But all things being equal, publishing content on a regular schedule will keep your content fresh, and this will help you garner more traffic from search engines.

You’ve Got This

Publishing regularly can be challenging, especially when life gets busy or discouragement sets in. At time like this, I hope you can hang on to some simple ideas that will motivate you to continue. The world needs to hear from you. No one else has the same experiences and insight. It would be our loss if you stopped growing, learning, and sharing your helpful words with the world.

  1. See “18. Needs Met Rating and Freshness” in the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines used by Quality Raters. ↩︎

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