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The Secret of Success Everyone Knows but No One Wants to Mention

Build a Life You Can Be Proud Of

When you hear the word work what comes to mind? Does it bring up positive or negative emotions? I know work is a good thing. It is how we impact the world and deploy our gifts both for our benefit and that of others. Yet my first response is negative. Work feels hard. And heavy. In an ideal world, maybe I’d rather have a life of leisure. But would I really?

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The Wealth of Connection

A New Approach to Making Business Personal

It is a rare book that makes me question my bedrock assumptions about success, but The Wealth of Connection by Vincent Pugliese did exactly that.

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The War of Art

Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is a powerful book that addresses the challenges we face when pursuing our creative endeavors. It offers insights and advice on overcoming internal obstacles, such as procrastination, fear, and self-doubt, to unleash one’s potential.

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We Need You to Lead Us

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, by Seth Godin, is a book that focuses on leadership, the power of communities, and the importance of connecting with others. It can be especially helpful for someone feeling unfulfilled in their work, as it offers guidance on finding meaning and satisfaction through leading and influencing others.

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This Is Marketing

You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See

In This Is Marketing, Seth Godin shares valuable insights into effective marketing strategies and understanding the needs of the audience. The book can be particularly helpful for someone feeling unfulfilled in their work, as it provides a framework for meaningful connections and creating value in the marketplace.

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Start from Joy

Trade Shame, Guilt, and Fear for Lasting Change, a Lighter Spirit, and a More Fulfilling Life

Start from Joy presents a new approach to positive change that focuses on joy rather than shame, guilt, and fear. The book offers seven principles for changing your life from an emotionally-healthy perspective, with tips on how to prioritize joy, heal your emotional relationship with work, and interrupt old patterns of behavior.

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The Referral of a Lifetime

Never Make a Cold Call Again!

The Referral of a Lifetime: Never Make a Cold Call Again! by Tim Templeton is a practical guide that helps individuals build successful businesses through the power of referrals. The book is particularly useful for someone feeling unfulfilled in their work, as it offers an alternative approach to acquiring new clients and generating revenue without the need for cold calls or aggressive sales tactics.

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The Practice

Shipping Creative Work

The Practice: Shipping Creative Work, by Seth Godin, is a powerful book aimed at helping anyone overcome their creative barriers and find fulfillment in their work. For someone feeling unfulfilled, this book can provide valuable insights to help them reignite their passion and motivation.

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The Passion Economy

The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century

The Passion Economy: The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century by Adam Davidson explores the changing landscape of work and business in the modern era. The book offers insights into how individuals can find fulfillment and success by pursuing their passions and leveraging their unique skills. It’s a valuable read for someone feeling unfulfilled in their work, as it provides guidance on navigating the evolving economy and finding a career path that aligns with one’s values and interests.

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On Writing

A Memoir of the Craft

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is a part-autobiography, part-advice book by Stephen King that delves into his life and writing experiences while offering invaluable tips for aspiring writers. People who feel unfulfilled in their work may find inspiration in this book as it highlights the importance of pursuing one’s passion and shares practical guidance for becoming a better writer.

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Hear from Monday Motivation Readers

“Every Monday is like a mini New Year, giving you the chance to start fresh with a clean slate. That's why Harvey's Monday Motivation emails are a blessing. You can choose to complain and hate Mondays, or you can be among the select few who embrace a new, fresh start. Monday Motivation provides a pep talk, wise principles, and a vision that can help you see that life and work are meaningful. I encourage everyone to read it and start their week off right with a vision and principles that don't conform to the world, but instead seek to serve others and better yourself!”

Bailey Lipscomb, Software Engineer

“I truly enjoy receiving Harvey's Monday Motivation messages. They are easy-to-read, but packed with helpful and encouraging information. I created a separate email folder to store them just so I can refer back to them more easily. His topics are very timely and seem to address issues I am currently experiencing, like self-doubt and problems completing what I start, or they address topics that can help me personally and professionally, such as ways to provide more impact at work. I like to keep Harvey's messages because they provide simple, actionable steps to implement, but can lead to a significant return. Referring to the messages weeks later provides good accountability to ensure I'm following the advice.”

Greg Gerber, Writer & Coach at Forward from 50.

“Spending a few minutes reading Monday Motivation has become something that truly has been meaningful, thoughtful, and encouraging.”

— A Local Business and Ministry Leader.

“The value I find from Harvey's messages is an acknowledgment that many people feel dissatisfied, even with seemingly successful lives. His writing is such a reflection of him. Not a ‘get happy quick’ message but a message of empathy, compassion, and hope. He walks in his readers' shoes towards more purpose and impact. It is not quick and easy. But very possible.”

— Melissa Bloom, Coach and Author of The Path to Joy.

Monday Motivation.

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