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Make an Easy Escape from the Tyranny of an Aimless Day

Harvey Ramer
Harvey Ramer
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Are you like me? I hate to end a day with the realization that, though I was busy, even frantic, my most essential tasks remain undone. While we cannot eliminate all distractions that intrude into our workday, we can control the one thing that makes the most difference: attention.

A simple plan conserves and directs our energy.

Aimlessness Is a Tyrant

Aimlessness robs us of our dreams, and it fills us with regret. If you have also had some five-o-clock regrets lately, we can escape them together.

Intentionality for the Win

As an experiment in building small habits, I plan to start every day this month by writing a short list of the most important things I want to achieve. Then, I will choose the one thing that matters most. I will define it carefully and keep its scope small enough to accomplish without heroics. During the day, I will hold that goal in mind and complete it regardless of any chaos the day might bring.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”
— Jim Rohn

A Simple Challenge

If mastering your attention is still a work in progress, join me in this challenge. Every morning, clarify your most important objective in writing. Toward the end of your workday, check in with your intention. If it is incomplete, block out some time and make yourself happy by doing the work you’ve planned.

Using this tiny habit, you can progress daily, preserve your autonomy, and track your growth.

Monday Motivation.

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