How to Overcome Stress

Achieving Resilience in Your Daily Life

Transform stress into strength: Learn community support, purpose definition, and faith in uncertainty.
Lily Ramer
Lily Ramer
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Life overflows with stress-inducing scenarios. Stress follows us like a shadow, making its presence known in every facet of our lives, whether it be work, school, or personal relationships. Learning to navigate despite stress is crucial if you wish to find joy in your daily endeavors.

We All Need Community

Let me paint a picture for you. Once I arrived at school convinced I had a half-hour buffer before my next class, I casually took my time in the lobby. But there was a creeping feeling of unease that led me to check on my class. Peaking through the door, I came to the dreaded realization—my class already started. Panic seized me as with shaking hands and a pounding heart I darted into the classroom with mere minutes left on the clock. In the grand scheme of things, a simple miscalculation like this isn’t a catastrophe, but in that moment, it felt like the sky was falling.

After that class, I called my dad for emotional support. Somehow he managed to calm me down a bit before my next class. Here lies the importance of community. Stress is relentless and attempting to combat it alone is a battle few can win. Building a community—a chosen family—of trusted and supportive individuals is key to preventing stress from gaining the upper hand. These people provide the much-needed perspective that allows you to see your mistakes as just that—mistakes, not the end of the world. They also serve as advisors and encouragers.

When I procrastinate my dad has this annoying habit of asking me, “Will this make your tomorrow self happy?” As irritating as it is, it is a valuable reminder to make long-term decisions by pushing through. Community helps you not only manage your stress but also to confront your responsibilities head-on, making “your tomorrow self” happier.

Keep Moving Forward

Defining your “why”—your reason to succeed—can alleviate future stress. By identifying this intersection of your experiences, your priorities, and your dreams, you gain a sense of direction. It provides a framework for you to decide where to invest your time and energy and guides you when fear and overwhelm strike. Remembering your ‘why’ can propel you forward, even when you feel you have no more energy or resolve.

Faith in Uncertainty

The future is a mystery. One moment it feels solid and sure until one thing changes it all. The desire to control every aspect of your journey toward your dreams can pile on unnecessary stress. Realizing that every struggle and failure serves a purpose and contributes to your growth allows you to release the reins a bit. As Joshua Medcalf brilliantly puts it in his book, Chop Wood Carry Water, “Many people never fulfill their potential, because they look at everything in life as a test… If you look at something as a test, then you will focus only on passing the test instead of maximizing your growth through the experience…Nothing is a test, it’s only an illusion. Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Keeping your eyes on the prize is all well and good, just don’t forget to watch where you’re going too.

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