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Sharing a Talk: From Survival to Purpose

Read about my enlightening talk on 'From Survival to Purpose' at Station 2 Innovation Bradenton, where we explored the essence of purpose-driven work.
Harvey A. Ramer
Harvey A. Ramer
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Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at Station 2 Innovation in Bradenton, Florida, where I delivered a talk titled “From Survival to Purpose.” This enriching experience deepened my connection with a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and local leaders at this hub of innovation and dialogue.

Station 2 Innovation is at the heart of Bradenton’s entrepreneurial spirit, fostering a community eager for greater clarity and meaning in their professional lives. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, filled with individuals passionate about engaging in meaningful conversations that inspire business and personal growth.

During my presentation, I explored the transformative journey from merely surviving to living a life rich with purpose. I shared personal anecdotes and reflections on how discovering one’s true calling can not only change individual lives but also contribute significantly to societal well-being.

The response from the audience was both humbling and inspiring, underscoring the deep connection we all share towards living more purpose-driven lives.

I want to extend my sincere thanks to the team at Station 2 Innovation for inviting me to speak, and for creating a space where ideas can flourish. The connections I made and the feedback I received have further fueled my passion for this subject.

I am deeply grateful to the team at Station 2 Innovation Bradenton for the invitation to speak and for creating an environment where innovative ideas thrive.

Check out the write-up the Station 2 Innovation team put together!

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