Every Good Endeavor

Connecting Your Work to God's Work

Transform your perspective on work, offering insights on finding purpose, embracing your calling, and integrating faith for a fulfilling career.
Harvey A. Ramer
Harvey A. Ramer
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“Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work” by Timothy Keller delves into the profound relationship between faith, work, and life’s purpose. The book serves as a guide for those yearning for more meaning in their careers, showing how work can be tied to a higher calling.

“Since we already have in Christ the things other people work for—salvation, self-worth, a good conscience, and peace—now we may work simply to love God and our neighbors.”

—Timothy Keller

Here are three key insights from the book:

  1. Work as Part of God’s Design: Keller underscores that work isn’t merely a means to earn a living; it’s a vital part of God’s plan for us. He contends that work serves as a channel through which we can fulfill God’s purposes. Recognizing the divine aspect of work can enrich our professional lives with deeper meaning and satisfaction.

  2. The Idea of ‘Calling’: Keller introduces the notion of “calling” as a way to link one’s work to God’s greater plan. A calling isn’t just a job; it’s a career path that resonates with your talents, passions, and the needs of the world. Pursuing your calling can lead to a fulfilling work life that goes beyond material gains and accolades.

  3. Merging Faith and Work: A central theme of “Every Good Endeavor” is the need to weave one’s faith into their professional life. Keller urges readers to view their work as an act of worship, dedicating their skills and resources to serve God and others. This perspective can revolutionize how we approach our work, imbuing it with a heightened sense of purpose.

In a nutshell, “Every Good Endeavor” provides invaluable wisdom for those seeking more from their work. By grasping the divine importance of work, embracing your calling, and incorporating faith into your career, you can uncover a richer sense of purpose in your professional journey.

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