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Web Design and Peace of Mind

Some business owners feel lost in cyberspace. With website design by FlareMark, we help you find your customers and your peace of mind.

David Sterling

We consulted with Kevin at Strategic Aim Consulting in Memphis about digital marketing strategies that can grow his business. Based on his goals, we created a new website for him that showcases his unique value proposition.

Kevin's doctorate in marketing and business management equips him to provide strategic planning consulting and business acumen training. The new website extends his reach.

Kevin Westbrook
“I needed a new website. My former one was 12 years old and stale. FlareMark came in and offered a competitive rate and great ideas I wasn’t getting from my previous vendor. The objective was to increase traffic and make it more user-friendly. They are extremely thorough. They're fast and devoted to getting things done.” Kevin Westbrook, Owner
Strategic Aim Consulting LLC
David Sterling

We consulted with David at Sterling Solutions in Memphis about what a new website might do for his business. Those discussions prompted a website redesign that simplified their website.

Since Sterling has a reputable cold chain consulting service, we built a microsite to support that business line. The new site allows Sterling Solutions to market that cold chain consulting as a standalone offer. We focused the website on the supply chain consulting expertise Sterling Solutions provides.

David Sterling
“They provide much more than just the actual website development. FlareMark looks at the project from a business development perspective, providing insight into what needs to be done to provide deeper penetration. The key is to have that initial call with FlareMark. They’ll be able to help you understand the value and expertise they can offer.” David Sterling, Principal
Sterling Solutions LLC

Web Designers Based in Charlotte and Memphis

We provide web design and web development services from Memphis, TN, and Charlotte, NC. While we serve customers worldwide, we especially enjoy supporting local businesses with face-to-face services.

  • Rick Hocutt, our principal web designer, creates websites and logos from his home office in Concord, NC.
  • Our principal consultant, Harvey Ramer, builds websites from his home office in Memphis, TN.

Hire Us and Leave Average Behind

If you have an exceptional business but average results, customers who need your products and services are waiting.
We will help you share what you know and grow your business.

Hire FlareMark or read Visible: Ideas that Grow Your Business.