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Custom Web Design Projects

Get a custom website from a Memphis-based company and stop missing out on opportunities, no matter where you do business.

Strategic Aim Consulting: Web Design by FlareMark

We met with the Families Matter Memphis team to discuss the challenges that face their clients and the opportunities they provide their donors. In consultation with them, we created a messaging framework they can use to guide ongoing communications. We redesigned the home page of their website to reflect their updated brand messaging and provided three months of social media support and training.

Carol Jackson is an excellent collaborator who is open to new ideas and provides honest feedback. She has been working with marriage-strengthening programs in the city of Memphis for more than 20 years. The new website allows her to reach donors and local community members more effectively.

Carol Jackson
“Have you wanted to work with a company that understands your needs and you had no idea how to locate that company? Have you wanted assistance transferring your thoughts from your heart to your website? That was my dilemma. Our team met with the FlareMark team, and immediately we knew we made a great connection. Now, our website says what we mean to say. The FlareMark team helped us communicate more directly about ways donors and clients can engage with us. Our visitors can take action to support us because they understand our mission. Thank you so much, FlareMark, for hearing us and transferring our ideas into action.” Carol Jackson, Executive Director
Families Matter Memphis, Inc.
Strategic Aim Consulting: Web Design by FlareMark

We consulted with Kevin at Strategic Aim Consulting in Memphis about digital marketing strategies that can grow his business. Based on his goals, we created a new website for him that showcases his unique value proposition.

Kevin's doctorate in marketing and business management equips him to provide strategic planning consulting and business acumen training. The new website extends his reach.

Kevin Westbrook
“My website was out of date and stale. I knew I needed a new one. I procrastinated because it was frustrating to find a web designer with fresh ideas and an affordable rate. FlareMark had a clear vision of what was possible, and the cost felt like an investment. Now my website provides the credibility and visibility I need to support my sales calls and networking activities.” Kevin Westbrook, Owner
Strategic Aim Consulting LLC

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Sterling Solutions LLC: Web Design by FlareMark

We consulted with David at Sterling Solutions in Memphis about what a new website might do for his business. Those discussions prompted a website redesign that simplified their website.

Since Sterling has a reputable cold chain consulting service, we built a microsite to support that business line. The new site allows Sterling Solutions to market that cold chain consulting as a standalone offer. We focused the website on the supply chain consulting expertise Sterling Solutions provides.

David Sterling
“I was without a website for some time, and it was hurting my outreach efforts. I was caught between the day-to-day demands of running my consulting practice and the need to build a marketing platform for the future. FlareMark offered me strategic advice and helped me think about leveraging my knowledge beyond what I had envisioned. I knew that investing in a website with them would be the right fit for me. When I make sales calls today, my potential clients have all the supporting information they need to make a buying decision. It feels good to have the tools my business needs in place.” David Sterling, Principal
Sterling Solutions LLC
Engineered Farm Sheds by Blueprint Station: E-Commerce Web Development by FlareMark

We consulted with Dan at Blueprint Station in Millbank, Ontario about a new initiative his business was launching. Based on his goals, we created a new website for him that allows customers to select a blueprint design package and pay for it immediately via e-commerce platform Stripe.

Dan's 20-year career in building and design is an ideal platform from which to grow his business. He is bringing on new draftsmen and making it easy to get a building permit in Southern Ontario. The new website makes this possible.

Dan Ramer
“My new business idea needed a high-quality website with e-commerce to get it started. I knew I couldn't do this in-house, and it was hard to find a local design company that would give me what I need. When I talked the project over with FlareMark, I knew they could design a website that would work and get it done on time. Today, I can refer everyone to the website for more information and a place to buy. I am really, really happy I chose FlareMark.” Dan Ramer, Owner
Blueprint Station™

Web Designers Based in Memphis

We provide web design and web development services from Memphis, TN. While we serve customers worldwide, we especially enjoy supporting local businesses with face-to-face services.

  • Rick Hocutt, our principal web designer, creates websites and logos from his home office in Concord, NC.
  • Our founder, Harvey Ramer, builds websites from his home office in Memphis, TN.

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