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Digital Marketing Help for You

FlareMark is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Who We Help

Some business owners feel lost in cyberspace. With a FlareMark web design and digital marketing strategy built on a clear message, we help them find their customers and their peace of mind.

How We Help

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Design and Development
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Done-For-You Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
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Strategy and Consulting
  • Value proposition
  • Digital marketing
  • Content strategy

Who We Are

Harvey Ramer
Our principal consultant, Harvey Ramer, has 17 years of experience in design and software development. He will guide the design, development, and promotion of your website.
As a student of what works in digital marketing, he tests marketing strategies before implementing them for his clients. He has built websites for consultants, e-commerce businesses, local businesses, and authors.
He helps others succeed through mentoring and collaborative problem-solving. Despite years of experience, he remains a good student—always focused on growing his clients' businesses.

We Build Websites to Get Results

Search Engine Visibility

We begin with website design, development, and content that reaches your customers. We find the phrases your customers are using to search for you on Google. We write content around the highest impact phrases using best practices for search engine visibility. Unless your website contains the same keywords and phrases your customers use when searching for you, your business will remain invisible online.

Fast Websites Get Results

We work hard to make sure your site loads in under 3 seconds on a 4G connection. We do this because the speed of your website impacts how much Google shows you in the search results pages. We also insist on building a fast website for you because your customers demand it. Any wait makes your customer more likely to leave without ever engaging with your site or making a sale. Waiting as little as 3 seconds makes visitors to your site 32% more likely to abandon your site. We want you to have the fastest websites on the web—because we want you to succeed.

Other Services to Help You Grow

In addition to web design and development, we help with writing, graphic design, and consulting on your brand and marketing. We do all of this so you can reach more customers, grow your revenue, and expand your influence.

Hire Us and Leave Average Behind

If you have an exceptional business but average results, customers who need your products and services are waiting.
We will help you share what you know and grow your business.

Hire FlareMark or see what our customers say.