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Social Media Marketing

Too busy to grow your business with Social Media?

You can't do it all by yourself.

You have important work to do, and we can help. We consult with you to understand your goals, and we work with you to create a strategy that will grow your brand on the web. With your oversight, we execute your digital marketing strategy so you can focus on day-to-day operations.

The best growth opportunity for most of our small business and nonprofit clients is social media marketing. We create a marketing plan based on your goals but focused on leading potential customers to a buying decision. We do not believe simple branding messages are enough for most small businesses. It is best to create offers and opportunities for closer engagement. Our goal is to lead customers through a buying process.

Our goal is to lead customers through a buying process.

  • Awareness: Potential customers discover you on social media.
  • Interaction: They see value in your content and choose to share or engage with it.
  • Connection: Leads from social media request information from your business and become a sales lead.
  • Purchase: Customers make a buying decision.

To make this happen, we begin with what you can afford that will produce the best results. Ideally, this is the complete plan:

  1. A clear call to action offers a buying decision. A good call to action empathizes with others and shows them how you can help.
  2. If customers are not ready to buy, give them a low-risk way to engage by downloading a resource in return for contact information. That is often called a lead magnet.
  3. Write a series of 5 - 7 sales emails to follow up and help customers get more from your lead magnet.
  4. Create social media content to be trickled out over LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels.
  5. Maintain the social media campaign by publishing new content every day.
  6. Review analytics and performance each month.
  7. Learn from that analysis to improve the campaign the following month.

Stay busy, but stop worrying.

When you hire us, you can stop worrying about missed digital marketing opportunities. We will execute your strategy, monitor results, and keep you in the loop with a monthly review session. You will hear from customers about how they discovered you on the web, and your sales will increase enough to justify continued investment. We know this strategy works, and we will do everything we can to help you succeed!

Getting started is easy.

You can choose how much you want us to engage. At a basic level, we can focus on social media marketing only. Or, you can choose to get our help optimizing your website to get the most from the visitors who will arrive at your site from social media marketing efforts.

Many businesses want to start with a simple social media marketing plan. What that includes is:

  • Strategy consultation
  • Thirty social media posts/month on each of three platforms. (We choose from LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest)
  • Writing and creative for each post
  • Analytics and performance review at the end of every month.

We recommend starting here for most of our clients.

We can do even more.

We can go beyond content creation and build a digital sales funnel. A sales funnel calls your website visitors to action with a compelling offer and follows up with an automated email sequence. But first, let's get your content published every month.

Start Your Project or Hear from Our Customers.