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Is Your Website Losing Traffic and Customers Due to Poor SEO?

Stop losing traffic to your website.

Stop losing valuable web traffic and potential customers because of low search engine rankings. Our SEO audit identifies issues holding your website back and provides actionable SEO solutions to optimize your site for better search engine visibility and performance.

Are Technical SEO Issues Derailing Your Online Success?

Technical issues you never see can hurt your SEO.

Unseen technical SEO issues can severely impact your website’s search engine rankings. Our SEO audit pinpoints these technical problems and offers a clear roadmap to fix them, ensuring your website runs smoothly and achieves higher search engine rankings.

Are You Missing Out on High-Quality Backlinks and Improved Domain Authority?

Incoming backlinks are vital.

High-quality incoming links (known as backlinks) are vital for increasing your website’s domain authority and search engine rankings. Without them, even great sites go unnoticed. Our SEO audit analyzes your backlink profile and identifies opportunities for acquiring relevant, high-quality backlinks to boost your online presence and search engine performance.

Is Your Website’s Content Failing to Engage and Convert Visitors?

High-converting content is necessary for SEO success.

High-converting, keyword-rich content is necessary for SEO success. Quality content is essential for attracting and retaining visitors and improving search engine rankings. Our SEO audit assesses your website’s content quality, identifies areas for improvement, and provides recommendations for creating engaging content that both users and search engines will love.

Are Your Competitors Outranking You in Search Results?

Competition for SEO rankings is fierce.

Competition for SEO rankings is fierce. Staying ahead of your competitors in search engine rankings is crucial for your online success. Our SEO audit compares your website’s performance to your competitors, identifies areas they outperform you, and offers an SEO strategy to outrank them and dominate your industry online.

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Danny Davis, Ed.D.
“Is your ministry or church website not getting the attention required to get your message out? Then contact my friend Harvey Ramer at FlareMark. He reviewed our site and made solid recommendations for improvement. Our website SEO score has moved from a C to a B+ and I've only implemented three of his suggestions. That means more people are finding Equipped Servant and engaging with our content.”
— Danny Davis, Ed.D. Cross Cultural Educator and Leader at Equipped Servant

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