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Search Engine Optimization

Is your website underperforming in search results?

Most websites suffer from slow load times, poorly optimized keywords, and execution errors or bugs. All of these are quality signals Google uses to evaluate the ranking of your web page in the search results.

Slow Load Times

According to a study by Deloitte and Google, "Improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%." This makes even small gains in speed vital to your success.

We find and fix problems with the loading of third-party scripts. These scripts are often loaded incorrectly and will bog down your website over time. Worse, sometimes your team loses track of the scripts that have been included in the past.

Auditing the media files on your website often reveals an opportunity for improvement. If images are improperly optimized, we optimize them or put processes in place to enable your team to do the job.

Poorly Optimized Keywords

Often, agencies and business owners create content for their websites using hunches and intuition based on their own experience. But to get the best results from search engines, it pays to research the words and phrases most used by prospective customers when looking for a business like yours.

We do keyword research and update your content to reflect the words and phrases most likely to drive traffic to your website. We do this without changing the meaning of your content. And though it is focused on getting search results, all of our content is written for humans first, and Google second.

Broken Code

A code review of your website lets us identify performance problems and bugs in your code. We validate your HTML to fix any problems that might prevent indexing. And we find and fix problems with JavaScript code execution. When we are finished, your site will work flawlessly in all modern browsers and on mobile devices.

A Note About Link Building

Another big boost for search engine results is a high number of quality incoming links. Many SEO agencies offer link building services. However, because this often involves underhanded and spammy tactics, we focus mostly on optimizing your website content and code. We recommend some simple ways to get relevant incoming links, but this is not part of our SEO service.

  • Get listed on professional directories for your industry.
  • Join your local chamber of commerce and create a directory listing.
  • Above all, create compelling content others want to share.

Other Ways We Help

We can go beyond content creation and build a digital sales funnel. A sales funnel calls your website visitors to action with a compelling offer and follows up with an automated email sequence. But first, let's boost your website's performance.

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