Feeling Frustrated in Your Work?

Career Satisfaction Strategy Unlocks Your Potential.

One on one clarity coaching can unlock your potential to grow in your career, business and personal life.

Reignite Your Career Passion

Ignite your career with renewed passion and purpose.

Are you ready to ignite your career with renewed passion and purpose? Our Career Satisfaction Strategy session is the key to unlocking your potential, aligning your work with your values, and discovering opportunities that perfectly match your unique personality and goals.

Imagine waking up each morning with a crystal-clear focus on your top priorities, attacking them with peak energy levels, and impacting others through your work. It’s time to embrace continuous learning and improvement, seek new challenges, and cultivate strong connections that will propel your career to new heights.

Transform Your Work Life

Gain valuable insights into the root causes of your career dissatisfaction.

With a Career Satisfaction Strategy session, you’ll gain valuable insights into the root causes of your career dissatisfaction, empowering you to define and take actionable steps toward finding true fulfillment in your work.

We will guide you in prioritizing tasks within your control, maintaining a sense of agency and resilience, and organizing your workspace for maximum efficiency. You’ll learn to develop a mindset of gratitude, practice mindfulness, and live in the present moment, effectively reducing stress and increasing your overall well-being.

Unlock Your Dream Career

Transform your career.

Don’t let this life-changing opportunity slip through your fingers! We are pleased to offer $50 off your Career Satisfaction Strategy session (a $200 value for only $150). Now is your time to transform your career, redefine your goals, and create lasting memories as you embark on a journey toward professional growth and personal happiness.

Endorsements & Testimonials

M.J. James
“As a coach, Harvey uses his skill for creative thinking to help navigate his clients through their problem solving journey. By asking insightful questions and offering professional advice he empowers clients to stream line their process and elevate their outcomes. His analytical objectives bring about long term strategic action for all of his clients. Highly recommend working with Harvey as a top level sounding board for your business.”
— M. J. James, Life/Business Coach and Author at Burned Out Business Mom
John Stange
“Harvey is a wise and sincere leader with decades of experience in tech, design, and other critical areas of development. One of his greatest strengths is his honesty. He offers genuine insights that can help other high-achievers gain clarity and focus.”
— John Stange, Business Coach and Author at Platform Launchers.

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