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One Way to Boost Sales Is to Integrate Your CRM with Your Website

By Harvey Ramer

Posted in Sales, Marketing, Business

Integrating your website and CRM systems will make your company more effective and efficient.
Integrating your website and CRM systems will make your company more effective and efficient.
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As your business takes off, your customers may feel you are neglecting them. The systems that made you successful are not serving you any longer. Though you still care about your customers, you aren't providing an experience that lets them know you hear their concerns and value their business.

The goal of customer relationship management software (CRM) is to provide a better customer experience. Integrating CRM with your website gives you a systematic way to understand your customer's interactions with your company. You can report on their activity, see their messages, and respond to their concerns with empathy and personalization. Without personal communication, you risk losing your customers.

Know Your Customer with High-Quality Data

Motivated sales reps hate sitting down at a desk to tell a computer something they think it should already know. Unintegrated systems depend on employees to glue them together. But even the best employees have off days, and some data captured from your website will not make it into your CRM. An integrated CRM reduces the manual data entry that plagues most sales teams. The system automatically keeps your customer profiles up-to-date.

Adopting and integrating a CRM with your website will mean less reliance on personal contacts. Your company should own all of its sales leads and not allow them to disappear into a black book until a sale appears out of nothing. The sales team needs to coordinate efforts, and shared, up-to-date data makes this possible. Your sales team should never waste time on double work or lose track of a prospect.

Integrating sales, fulfillment, your website and CRM, lets you move toward a single view of your customer. You can know that your prospect visited your website or interacted with an email campaign before meeting with them. Engaging at a deeper level by assuming some common knowledge lets you build relationships more quickly. Good data helps you anticipate and respond to the needs of your customers and prospects. You can make them feel heard and understood.

Improve Your Sales Process

If your sales team spends time chasing unqualified leads, your business is wasting payroll. To keep your sales team running smoothly, you need to give them accurate, relevant information about each company in your database. Some research and manual data entry are unavoidable. But after you integrate your CRM and website, you can be confident you aren't losing valuable information in translation between systems.

An integrated CRM enables automated lead scoring by assigning points for actions your prospects may take. These can include visiting a web page multiple times, opening an email, subscribing to a newsletter, or requesting a consultation. Any action your marketing automation software measures can contribute to lead scoring. Well-configured lead scoring is an effective way to qualify leads and use your sales team's resources for the best advantage.

If your website user's actions, emails, and online requests flow into your CRM, you can avoid rework. Freed from copying data between systems, your sales team can focus on what they do best: building bridges and offering your products and services to prospects that need your help.

The efficiencies gained from CRM integration can result in a faster sales cycle. Everyone on your team will be able to see where a lead is in your sales pipeline. Since wondering what to do next can consume energy and time, this is a big win. As your leadership team develops a sales process and integrates it into your systems, the fog of uncertainty will lift. Your CRM will keep sales leads up-to-date, and everyone will know what to do next.

What marketing messages resonate with your prospects? When sales and marketing are in separate silos, a sales rep may go into a meeting unprepared to answer questions your marketing team has heard and answered. As they test promotions, marketing teams can uncover innovative messages that make selling easier. Automation alone cannot solve all communication problems between marketing and sales, but when you track website leads, your sales reps can identify the offer to which they responded. They can tailor their sales conversation to match.

When your CRM system collects information from your entire business, it becomes a single source of truth about your relationship with customers and prospects. If your data is accurate, CRM reporting on marketing, sales, and fulfillment can enable your leadership team to make effective strategic decisions. A well-conceived strategy and healthy customer relationships will produce sales growth.

Give Your Customers the Best Experience Possible

Using accurate customer profiles, your CRM can segment customers into groups based on their behavior, interests, and level of engagement. Instead of a one-size-fits-all message, you can talk to each person authentically, and your targeted message will come across as one-to-one because it reflects each person's needs. Personalized communication goes a long way toward eliminating a customer's perception of indifference. Accurate customer profiles empower you to build a positive brand perception through the entire customer journey.

Following up quickly with qualified prospects can make the difference between winning or losing a deal. When your CRM automatically assigns the leads flowing from your website, team members can respond more quickly. Each employee instantly knows who is responsible and what steps they should take next. Follow-up built on automation can help you win deals you would have lost otherwise.

If your brand is responsive to customers and genuinely interested in their success, your customers will stay put. But if they think you are indifferent to them, they will leave your business at the first opportunity. Effective customer experience automation is central to the continued success of any growing business. It is impossible to treat 10,000 customers like family. The personal touch you gave each of your first 100 customers will disappear without well-designed software and systems.

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