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Trivial Pursuits Prevent Progress

How to Convert Attention to Momentum

In the employment world, entry-level employees do what others tell them. If they stick with the daily grind, they receive incremental raises and the perks of seniority. By staying busy for long hours at the office, they show loyalty. Managers take note and award incremental raises and promotions. But entrepreneurs inhabit another world in which going with the flow is disastrous.

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Lower the Risk Level

A Simple Path toward Achievement

Pressure to succeed can cause a business to fail. In our desire to find success, we latch onto ideas with the intensity of a drowning man grasping a life ring. Our vision narrows. Our thinking becomes muddled. We sacrifice long-term success for short-term activities that dissipate our valuable energy. How can we build a business without becoming desperate for success?

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It's Not Just Business — It's Personal

Bringing Your Human Side to Creative Work

If you are a creative or technical entrepreneur, most of your attention is likely on your next big idea. As an execution machine, you give your work the focus it deserves. But it is also probable that you have experienced some disappointment when the products and services you have envisioned land in the marketplace with a dull thud.

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How to Know If Your Website Makes a Good First Impression

Making Effective Design Decisions

First impressions are powerful, and effective websites establish trust by communicating a clear brand message. Above the fold on your home page is the most valuable communication space available to your business. So it is here you must position your business through words and images. Connect with clarity, action, and beauty.

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7 Important Reasons to Publish a Blog Post Each Week

Why You Should Keep Writing When You Feel Like Giving Up

It is almost nine o’Clock on a Sunday evening, and I want to wind down instead of writing. But here I am in front of my computer. Recently I have been experimenting with a weekly publishing schedule. So every week, I write an article whether it is convenient or not. I do it because I believe it matters, and so far it has been successful.

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